The Most Elegant Wear: Saree

Sarees have been popular in India for centuries and will continue to stay for centuries more to come. A saree isn’t just an outfit but is a choice. Sarees have no age limits. It is worn by young girls and the old ladies alike. But with the advent of salwar suits, a saree got confined to young women in her late teens to the grown up women. From women wearing sarees in fancy dress competition and plays to the much-loved grandmas whose saree we grew up adoring, everyone is in awe of this versatile drape.

Saree also changed with the changing time. Not just the embroidery, beads, patterns and the sequins but also the length, fabric and the draping style. A  saree is always open to innovation, be it with embroideries or with the draping style. There’s no boundary of imagination or innovation to which a saree is limited. There are few designers who think sarees are the most underrated cloth as they are being devoid of the fame and glory they deserve on the international frame. It is one of the most ancient clothing that could still make it to everyday life.Though India being such a geographically diverse nation alienates people based on the cultural values and food, a saree is worn almost naturally in every region of the country.


While one can effortlessly wear a silk saree with golden jewelry with no second thought, for a cotton saree a woman with ample body shape and size is advised to think twice, because it is known to volumize the shape and gives an illusion of the women being fuller. A chiffon saree is known to cling seductively to one’s figure. A khadi saree though vintage, is one most wanted saree in the towns. A  Benarasi saree is a saree of special occasions, the handwork, and the expertise it takes in preparing this saree, the effort it takes while saving it from everything that can harm the delicate texture is what makes it important and dear to women, and the royal aura it carries with itself obviously. One can wear a Benarasi saree when it’s less sweaty to avoid feeling stuffy.


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Things to Remember Before Buying Indian Sarees

Women are considered to be the most beautiful creation ever made by the God. An Indian woman is considered to be the most desirable women in the whole world as they are more exotic and gorgeous. It is mainly due to the beautiful sarees that they wear which makes them stand out from the rest of their peers. Indian women tend to wear sarees in all the auspicious occasions of her life as it is the most sensuous outfit which makes a woman attractive and charming. Before you buy Indian saree, you must know about these different varieties of saree that had made their presence felt not just in India, but all over the world with their magnificent style and embroidery works.

Banarasi Saree: The most beautiful sarees made in Banaras are considered to be one of the finest saris in India and is also popular all over the world specially for heavy work of gold and silver brocade and embroidery. Banarasi sarees are a symbol of pride, happiness, union, and celebration for Indian women.


Silk Saree: Silk sarees are famous in India and across the globe for its design, printed fine texture, vibrant colors, and embroideries. These beautiful sarees are used during the celebrations in most parts of south India. Silk saris are famous from Mysore, Kanchipuram, and Bhagalpur.


Chanderi Saree: Chanderi sarees are made with a mix of silk and cotton, and hence, is lightweight and easy to carry. It is because of this reason that Chanderi Sarees has become one of the most ideal and first choices of Indian women.


Tant Saree: Tant Sarees are famous as they are light, comfortable and available in a wide range of design, color, and style in the Indian market. It is also known as evergreen saree because it can be worn both as a casual wear and a party or festival wear. It is the comfort level of Tant sarees that makes them different from other Indian sarees.


Sambalpuri Saree: Sambalpuri Sarees are one of the most beautiful sarees in India and is the pride of Orissa. Sambalpuri sarees has a strip of unstitched fabric of 4 to 9 meter in length, which helps to wrap over the body in various style.


Kosa Saree: Kosa Sarees are one of the finest sarees and they give a royal look to an Indian woman. Kosa is a type of silk found in trees like sal and saja. Kosa sarees are available in different colors, patterns, and designs and the price depend on the purity of the silk and handwork.


Bandhani Saree: Bandhani Sarees are well famous in Rajasthan and Gujarat states and are available in different colors, styles and price range. These sarees are more prevalent in Jaipur.

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